Jam Shop has been a great experience for each and every student in my class! I can honestly say that it is something that all of them look forward to each month! Dan and Mike have done a fantastic job providing a structured, fun, and engaging music class for all types of learners. They keep the students engaged not only with them, as the teachers, but they also teach the children how to attend to their peers; imitating their peers and following someone else’s movement and rhythm. Overall, I think Jam Shop has been a great experience for both students and staff.

-Chrissy Esola, Valley Program Teacher

Mr. Dan and Mr. Mike were so great with my students! They always arrived early to get set up before it was our scheduled time. They were senstive to my students’ sensory needs and adjusted the instruments they used, accordingly. Their groups were very structured and all of my students looked forward to Jam Shop each time they came!

-Mrs. Gibney, Valley Program Teacher

Jam Shop, run by Dan Iucci and Mike Morgan, is one of the enhancements to the curriculum that our PTO provides at my son’s school. At the end of the school year, parents were invited to attend a Jam Shop showcase. I was surprised and thrilled to see that my son, who struggles with attention and focus, remained engaged throughout the entire 40-minute session. Dan and Mike make music fundamentals exciting for these students and find a way to tailor their program to children’s individual needs. They appear to love sharing their musical giftedness and their enthusiasm is infectious.

-Valerie Sisko, Mother and PTO Board Member