Jam Shop’s mission is to keep a child’s focus and creativity at their highest potential and allow them to learn by association. Our forward thinking objective is to not only teach music, but use its form as a vehicle to organize thoughts, increase motor skills, and utilize critical and divergent thinking all while promoting socialization.

Chris Flynn
Mr. Chris of Magical Melodies has been performing in and around NJ for over two years. Each show is engaging for children and parents alike, with healthy doses of humor, improvisation and spontaneity peppered throughout. At Jam Shop, Mr. Chris draws on his eclectic musical background to teach a variety of different classes that will have children of all ages dancing, singing, marching and most of all, having fun!

“We believe music is the universal language that not only invigorates the senses and sparks creativity, it is also a vessel for socializing throughout a child’s most important years of development.”
-Jam Shop